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Therapy Dog Training


Therapy Dog Training

WILD DOG TRAINING has a specially trained group of Dogs/Handlers that are known as 5 PAWS THERAPY GROUP. All of these Dogs are trained in Obedience and Therapy work, accumulating over 130 hours of education, over 50 hours of volunteerism and over 30 hours of psychological socialization for the Canine. These are Wild Dog Training's BEST DOGS !!! And their Owner/Handler is Fabulous as well. Owners/Handlers/Dogs wanting to be part of The 5 Paws Therapy Group must have proof of formal Training and socialization, in order to join.


A Therapy Dog is very special. The goal and job of a Therapy Dog is to bring comfort and joy to People of all ages and situations. There are several Groups of Certification across the USA. Wild Dog Training works with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs. All 5 PAW Therapy Dogs are certified through The Alliance.

Jodi Miller, Trainer is also a Tester/Observer for The Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Anyone interested in testing for Therapy certification for The Alliance should give Jodi a call to set up your testing. Dogs and Handlers are NOT REQUIRED to have any formal training, in order to test.

Therapy Dogs are NOT SERVICE DOGS. It is against Federal Law to claim your Therapy Dog is a Service Dog.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact Jodi Miller at Wild Dog Training. 828-553-9455 - Call OR Text