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Specialty Classes and Workshops

Specialty Classes and Workshops

Beginning Herding
For herding breeds and mixed herding breeds only.
Herding Workshop is offered 1-2 times a year.  Come have a fun day of dog training at a local sheep farm assessing your dog for herding instinct.  Ask Wild Dog Training about the next  workshop.

Snake Aversion Class
Positive aversion techniques
Train your dog to leave the rattlesnakes, copperheads and poisonous toads alone.  Old techniques using electric collars can harm a dog.  Wild Dog Training supports only positive intervention in training dogs.  Contact us about the next class.

Beginning Tracking
Train your dog while learning how to work as a team and track human scent.  This is a lot of fun and dogs love it!  Humans must be able to follow your dog up and down hills through woods and city streets.  Good exercise and increase your partnership with your dog.  Contact Wild Dog about our next workshop.

How to Walk on a Leash
Most dogs that are bad on a leash have an owner who needs help!  Obedience class is the best direction.  However, if all you want is leash training, this is the class for you!  Usually one to two classes will cover all the basic principles to correct your problems as well as your dog!  Contact Wild Dog for the next class opportunity.