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Intermediate Dog Obedience Class

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Intermediate Dog Obedience Class

For dogs 2 years and older and graduates of Adolescent Obedience Training.  As canines mature, so does their brain, emotions and ability to communicate with us.  As the dog gets to know their owner/handler, and understands the basic commands, there is an advanced level of education available.  This class reviews basic commands of obedience and then brings the level of communication to further practice.  Off-leash behaviors are explored and trained.  Off-leash heel, off-leash working in a room with other dogs.  Sit, stay, come, down all trained for distance.  Place, heel, and directional positions are explored.  This class furthers your partnership with your dog and improves attention span and mental contact with owner.

This class meets once a week for 5 weeks.

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