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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How do I get my puppy to be potty trained?
A -
There are a lot of techniques to train a  puppy to potty outside.  One of the best is to use "puppy bells" on the door.  You want your puppy to go out every 1-2 hours to potty.  Bring them to the door.  Get a sit.  Ring the bells.  Go outside to the potty spot.  Potty training is a training event.  Don't confuse it with a walk, bring the puppy to the same potty spot.  

Q - How do I get my dog to stop pulling on the leash?
A -
Make sure you have the correct leash.  Many people have equipment that is pretty but not functioning the way they need.  Train your puppy or dog every day on leash walking.  If they move forward and pull, just stop.  Ask for a sit.  Then start again.  You may need to do this 100 times to get some dogs' attention.  Be consistent.  Be patient.  This is only one technique.  If you need more help and other ideas, call Wild Dog Training for a leash walking class.

Q - My dog barks and lunges at other dogs.  How do I stop that behavior?
A -
This behavior can be mild to severe depending on the dog.  The behavior is fear-aggression  and can be a result of improper canine socialization, unintentional owner anxiety down the leash, genetic anxiety, traumatic life experiences, or several of the above.  Many of these dogs can get better and resolve some or all of their fear/anxiety.  It's best to consult a trainer for this behavior.  Wild Dog Training has helped many dogs with fear/anxiety issues.  Give us a call about training options.  

Q - I want my dog to be a service therapy dog.  How do I make that happen?
A -
There is a bit of confusion on labels within the general public.  "Service dogs" are dogs that practice trained behaviors to assist their owners with a physical or medical condition (such as assisting with turning on lights, or alerting their owner of low blood sugar for diabetes).  These dogs are highly trained with lots of obedience and an increase of owner dog communication is essential.  Advanced obedience training and CGC certification is a good beginning for these dogs.  Therapy dogs, emotional support dogs and PTSD dogs are in need of basic to intermediate obedience as well as CGC certification will allow these dogs to always be with their owner.  Contact Wild Dog Training for classes that will meet your needs and requirements for your dog's certification.