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Community Service

Community Service

Jodi Miller believes that we all should participate in community service volunteer programs. The following are just a few that Wild Dog Training participates in:

1.  SAFE of Transylvania County
Statistics show that 73% of women in violent homes/situations will not leave without their dogs and/or cats.  SAFE of Transylvania County has a women's shelter named Stacey's House which does accept the family pets when a woman seeks safety.  Jodi Miller does all the dog assessments of every dog, as well as offers training for the canines.  Wild Dog assists in educating the community of this program and the importance of a SAFE place for all family members.  

2.  The Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County  
The "Read to Your Dog" program for the Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County is based on the national program out of Chicago's After School program.  Elementary-aged children come to Wild Dog Training once a week to read to a dog.  Jodi Miller has trained over 20 owners and their fabulous dogs to participate in this program.  First graders to fifth graders read to a trained Wild Dog for one hour a week. Relationships develop through the school year by all involved and reading scores improve!  Lots of fun!

3.  Brevard College
Brevard College students are provided with visits by the Wild Dog Elite Crew several times during the school year for de-stressing at exam time.  The Elite Crew spends several days at the college assisting students in de-briefing the stress of exams while petting, hugging and sometimes cuddling with the dogs.  This is a popular program.

4.  College Walk Retirement Community
College Walk Retirement Community has several levels of care and independent living for Elders.  Wild Dog Elite Crew performs obedience training classes in the auditorium for the pleasure of the elders.  The Elders get to pet and engage with every dog and owner.  This is a favorite  program.  

5.  Summer Education Programs for the Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County involve all ages of children.  Education on canine care and training along with safety are presented to all participating.  Children are allowed to engage with over ten dogs while learning about breed-specific differences.  Note:  Special Olympics athletes have participated in this program, as well.

All volunteer dogs are extremely well-trainined.  If you are interested in you and your dog participating with these volunteer programs, please call Wild Dog Training to find out about training classes to begin.