Wild Dog Training
340 Greenville Highway, Brevard NC - 828.553.9455


Wild Dog Training is committed to delivering  and informative and friendly experience for both you and your dog.  We believe your dog is a family member.  Therefore, we are devoted in helping you improve your communication between you and your dog.  We are family-oriented and encourage all family members to participate in most of our programs.  We offer training in the following categories for you and your dog:

Puppy Training & Development
Adolescent Obedience
Adult Obedience
Intermediate Obedience
Canine Good Citizen Preparation and Certification
Beginning Agility
Beginning Nosework/Scentwork
Beginning Herding
Beginning Tracking
Snake Aversion Class
Specialty Workshops

Ongoing clubs:
Agility Club
Nosework/Scenting Club

Wild Dog Training believes that the psychology of your dog is paramount to the health and well-being of your relationship.  Because we understand that not all dogs are without anxiety and fear, there is a deep involvement in socialization and behavior modification in all classes.  Some dogs will need more help in these areas.

We offer the following for those dogs and their families in trainings and evaluations.

Canine Behavioral Evaluations
Fear Aggression Modification Training
Socialization Correction Training
Fear Anxiety/Separation Training
General Behavioral Modification Training

Please contact Wild Dog Trainer Jodi Miller to discuss your canine problems and concerns.  Whether your dog is a rescue dog or a breeder dog, if you have any indications of fear, anxiety or aggression, please contact a trainer for help immediately.